Reception Refresh

reception2I created a bright and welcoming new reception display and activity station to welcome and engage visitors to Littlehampton Museum. 

Littlehampton Museum shares a reception area with Littlehampton Town Council. In order to better inform and engage visitors with events and activities available at the museum, I redesigned the reception area to create a bright and interactive display.

With small manageable changes and low cost resources, I transformed the area from a drab corner with an unused public pc, to a bright display which lets visitors know at a glance what is on offer at the museum. I updated the museum’s selection of trails and quizzes to make them more colourful and ensured they included a range of activities to cater to all ages and learning styles, and moved them from a corner of the gallery to the reception area so they were more visible. I added accessories such as magnifying glasses and clipboards to encourage families to explore.

For older visitors the display placed the museum’s programmes and new gallery map front and centre. Finally I made sure to include an interactive space for adults and children to share their thoughts about the museum, with prompt questions such as ‘What is your favourite thing in the museum?’ These small changes achieved with a minimal budget have combined to create a much more welcoming first impression for visitors to the museum.